ASCOEA Second Semester Calendar 2022/2023

ASCOEA Second Semester Calendar 2022/2023

Aminu Saleh College of Education announces its schedule for the second semester of the 2022/2023 academic session. Important dates include the start of the semester on 10th July 2023, registration from 10th to 23rd July 2023, late registration from 24th July to 6th August, lectures from 17th July to 7th October, and exams from 9th to 21st October. Results will be displayed on 5th January 2024.

Aminu Saleh College of Education, Azare (ASCOEA) has released its comprehensive academic calendar for the Second Semester of the 2022/2023 academic session. The timeline meticulously details key events and important dates, providing students, faculty, and stakeholders with a clear roadmap of the semester’s progression.
πŸš€ Commencement of 2nd Semester 2022/2023 10th July, 2023
✏️ Registration period for all levels 10th July – 23rd July, 2023
⏱️ Late Registration period 24th July – 6th August, 2023
πŸ“š Lecture period for all levels 17th July – 7th October, 2023
πŸ“ Submission of Question Papers for moderation 14th August, 2023
πŸ“‹ Display of Continuous Assessment 25th Sept – 30th Sept, 2023
πŸ“ Examination period for all levels 9th Oct. – 21st Oct, 2023
✅ Display of Provisional Academic Status 5th January, 2024

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Semester’s Kick-off and Registration Phase

The semester commences on 10th July 2023, initiating a two-week registration period for all levels that stretches from 10th July to 23rd July 2023. A subsequent late registration window opens from 24th July to 6th August 2023, granting procrastinators a final opportunity to register for the semester albeit with additional charges.
Academic Activities and Assessment

Lecture periods for all levels are scheduled for twelve weeks from 17th July to 7th October 2023. Faculty are required to submit their question papers and marking schemes for moderation on 14th August 2023. The moderation and retrieval of questions and marking schemes will occur from 21st August to 2nd September 2023.

Students’ continuous assessments will be displayed from 25th September to 30th September 2023, providing an opportunity to track academic progress mid-semester.
Examination and Teaching Practice Periods

The college has earmarked 9th October to 21st October 2023 as the examination period for all levels, spanning a duration of two weeks. Subsequently, a three-week marking period follows, stretching from 23rd October to 4th November 2023.

The institution also announces a teaching practice period for 200 and 300-level students. This phase, a practical requirement for teacher education students, will run for six weeks, from 30th October to 16th December 2023.
Result Processing and Semester Break

ASCOEA plans to conduct moderation and retrieval of examination scripts from 13th November to 24th November 2023. Computation of examination results will take place from 27th November to 22nd December 2023, with the display of provisional academic status slated for 5th January 2024.

A well-deserved semester break will start from 23rd October 2023 to 3rd February 2024 for students to recharge before the next academic session.
Graduation Preparation and Next Academic Session

The Business Committee will consider the computation of results for graduation from 15th January to 10th February 2024. Submission of results for graduation to the University of Maiduguri is scheduled for 15th February 2024.

With the completion of the second semester of the 2022/2023 academic session, ASCOEA will kick off the First Semester of the 2023/2024 session on 5th February 2024.

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