AOCAY 2022/2023 Second Semester Resumption Date Announced

AOCAY 2022/2023 Second Semester Resumption Date Announced

Akperan Orshi Polytechnic, Yandev (AOCAY) has announced the resumption date for the 2nd semester of the 2022/2023 academic session as 31st July, 2023. Students are reminded that the first semester ends on the 27th June, 2023, followed by a break until the resumption date. Note that registration for the first semester is still ongoing for those who have not completed their registrations.

The Akperan Orshi Polytechnic, Yandev (AOCAY), has made a significant announcement regarding the resumption of the 2nd semester for the 2022/2023 academic session. The Academic Board has decided that the new semester will commence on 31st July, 2023, providing students with clear expectations for their academic schedule.

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Academic Schedule: Key Dates and Details

According to the information released by the Academic Board, the First Semester of the 2022/2023 academic session will conclude on 27th June, 2023. Following this, students are scheduled to proceed on break from 27th June to 30th July, 2023.

This break between semesters offers students a valuable opportunity to rest, recharge, and prepare for the upcoming academic challenges of the Second Semester.
Registration Continues: An Important Reminder

The Academic Board has also noted that registration for the First Semester continues for those students who have not yet completed their registrations. This is an important reminder for all students to ensure they are fully registered and prepared for the continuation of their academic journey in the upcoming semester.
The Upcoming Semester: What to Expect

As the Second Semester approaches, students at AOCAY can look forward to continued high-quality education and a diverse range of learning experiences. The Polytechnic is committed to providing an academic environment that fosters intellectual growth, skill development, and the pursuit of academic excellence.

Students are encouraged to make the most of the break period, balancing well-deserved rest with preparation for the new semester. This could involve reviewing material from the First Semester, previewing upcoming coursework, or engaging in complementary learning activities to enhance understanding and skills.
In Conclusion: A Smooth Transition into the Second Semester

As the Akperan Orshi Polytechnic, Yandev (AOCAY) moves towards the commencement of the Second Semester of the 2022/2023 academic session, the clarity and foresight provided by the Academic Board’s announcement are welcomed by the student community.

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