ADUSTECH Activates Add/Drop for 2021/2022 2nd Semester

ADUSTECH Activates Add/Drop for 2021/2022 2nd Semester

Aliko Dangote University of Science and Technology (ADUSTECH) has activated the add/drop functionality on its student portal. This will allow students to adjust their course registration from today, June 13, 2023, to June 27, 2023, without any penalty. Following this period, no changes to course registration will be permitted.

In a recent announcement, the Aliko Dangote University of Science and Technology, Wudil (ADUSTECH), has activated the Add and Drop functionality on their students’ portal. This new development allows students to make necessary adjustments to their course registration for the second semester of the 2021/2022 academic session.

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Add and Drop Window Now Open

ADUSTECH has opened up the Add and Drop window on its online portal starting from 13th June 2023, and it will remain active until 27th June 2023. This two-week period grants students the opportunity to reassess their course load for the upcoming semester and make any necessary adjustments.

The Add and Drop functionality offers flexibility to students by providing an opportunity to add new courses that they might have initially overlooked, or drop courses that they no longer wish to take. This system is designed to ensure that students can tailor their academic programs to best fit their personal learning objectives and career goals.
Act Within The Stipulated Time

Students are advised to take advantage of this opportunity within the stated timeframe. It’s crucial to note that once the given period ends on 27th June 2023, changes to course registration will no longer be permitted. This implies that all course selections made within this period will be final and irreversible for the remainder of the semester.
Concluding Note

ADUSTECH urges all students to review their course selections carefully, considering their academic goals and workload capabilities before making any changes. This is an excellent opportunity for students to customize their academic journey and ensure a productive and enjoyable semester.

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