Unveiling Beehive Fest 2023: Where Talent Takes Center Stage


As the year draws to a close, we are thrilled to announce the return of a much anticipated annual tradition Beehive Fest 2023! Mark your calendars for December 27th, at E4 Resort in Bauchi, opposite the police barracks, transforms into the epicenter of artistic expression and pure entertainment.

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Beehive Fest is not just an event, but it is a celebration of our vibrant community's diverse talents, with a spotlight on the incredible artists, dancers, comedians and more who call our hive home. The stage is set for a night that promises unforgettable performances, showcasing the best of our local talent.

Calling on All Artists 

Are you a budding artist with melody to share? The spotlight awaits you! Beehive Fest invites submissions from passionate musicians eager to grace our stage. Send your music to [email protected], and you might just be the musical heartbeat of the night. The Music submission to be closed on 10th December.

For those who feel the rhythm in their bones, our dance extravaganza promises moves that will make your heart skip a beat. Let the music guide you as we come together to celebrate the joy of movement and expression.

Tickets and Space For Vendors are on sales now

Excitement is building, and so is the demand for tickets! Secure your spot at Beehive Fest 2023, the pinnacle of local entertainment. Check the flyers for ticket sale details.

Tickets Flyer

Vendors Space 

Beehive Fest is more than an event, it is a testament to the richness of our local talent and the sense of community that binds us together. 

Join us on December 27th as we uplift the hive through the power of art and expression.

Get ready to applaud, dance, and revel in the magic of Beehive Fest 2023 where talent takes center stage.


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