UNIZIK Graduands: Convocation Fees & Attire Details | 17th Convocation Notice

UNIZIK Graduands: Convocation Fees & Attire Details | 17th Convocation Notice

With UNIZIK's 17th Convocation just around the corner, have you got all the details about the convocation fees, academic regalia, and procession logistics? Isn't it essential for every graduand to understand the nuances of the ceremony, from the dress code to the deadlines, to ensure a seamless celebration of their hard-earned degrees?

Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK), Awka, is set to honour the accomplishments of its scholars during the 17th convocation ceremonies. This pivotal event not only recognises the hard work of graduates but also marks the transition to new beginnings. If you’re among the proud graduands, this comprehensive guide details crucial information on convocation fees, academic regalia, and the procession, ensuring you’re fully prepared for the ceremony.
Convocation Notice πŸ“œ Important Details for Graduands
Fees & Attire πŸ’³ Mandatory Payments and Dress Code
Collection Starts πŸ—“️ 29th November 2023
Return Deadline ⏳ 13th December 2023
Assembly Point πŸ“ College of Postgraduate Studies
Procession Time ⌚ 9.30 a.m. Commencement
Payment Method πŸ’» Online via UNIZIK Portal
Security Measures πŸ”’ Luggage Restrictions and Parking Protocols

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Convocation Checklist for UNIZIK Graduands
Mandatory Convocation Fees and AttireFirst Degree Graduands: Ensure that convocation fees are paid during clearance.
Higher Degree Graduands: Payment for the convocation package is compulsory, regardless of ceremony attendance. The package includes:Order of Proceedings/Convocation Brochure
Academic Outfits
Certificate Scrolls
UNIZIK Handbook
T-shirt and cap, Tie/Scarf, Lapel Pin
Convocation Fees StructureFirst Degree: N15,000
Masters Degree and Postgraduate Diplomas: N49,800
Ph.D.: Purchase of academic gown and full package – N89,950
Dress CodeAll graduands must wear formal attire, such as suits or national dress.
Collection and Return of Academic OutfitsFirst Degree: Collect at Faculties and Departments from Wednesday, November 29th, 2023.
Higher Degrees: Collect at the College of Postgraduate Studies.
Proof of payment is required for collection.
Return gowns by Wednesday 13th December, 2023 to avoid penalties.
Convocation Day ProtocolAssemble at the College of Postgraduate Studies by 9.30 a.m. on convocation days.
Full participation in the academic procession with the prescribed regalia is compulsory.
Payment InstructionsVisit UNIZIK’s Payment Portal.
Click “Start Transaction” and select the appropriate Convocation Fee.
Follow the prompts to complete your payment, beginning on Monday 6th November, 2023.
Security and Conduct at the VenueNo luggage is permitted in the Convocation Arena.
Use designated parking, available with a parking card and invitation.
Follow university security and designated signs for parking.
Hawking around the arena is strictly prohibited.

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