LASU Sandwich Degree Programme Matriculation List

LASU Sandwich Degree Programme Matriculation List

The Lagos State University has released the matriculation list for admitted students of its 2022 Sandwich Degree Programme who've finished online registration on the LACACA platform. The matriculation numbers are accessible via the LASU website. Students yet to register on LACACA should act promptly, and those with issues should rectify them to secure their admissions.

The Lagos State University (LASU) is excited to announce the release of its 2022 modular year matriculation list for the Sandwich Degree programme. This significant milestone caters to those students who successfully completed their online registration via the LACACA platform.
πŸ“’ Announcement 2022 LASU Sandwich Degree Programme Matriculation List Released.
πŸŽ“ For Admitted students of the Lagos State University Directorate of Sandwich Degree.
🌐 Check Online Via the LASU Website:
⚠️ Not Yet on LACACA Start LACACA registration without delay.
πŸ”§ LACACA Issues Address issues to get assigned matriculation numbers & safeguard admissions.
πŸ“ Completed Registrations Use matriculation numbers to access the registration portal.
πŸ—“ Year 2022 modular year.

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How to Access Your Matriculation Number

For all those eager eyes awaiting confirmation, here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you discover your matriculation number:Visit the LASU Official Website: Navigate to LASU’s main portal.
Access the Student Section: Hover over the ‘STUDENT’ tab and select ‘CHECK MATRIC NUMBER’.
Enter Your Details: Input your unique APPLICATION NUMBER (which may look something like SW2…).
Final Step: Hit the SUBMIT button to unveil your matriculation number.
Attention to Other 2022 Modular Year Students

If you are a sandwich degree student from the 2022 modular year batch but haven’t initiated the LACACA registration, it’s high time to get the ball rolling! On the other hand, those who’ve made a start on the LACACA platform but are facing certain challenges should swiftly address these issues. This will ensure that they too are allocated matriculation numbers, solidifying their provisional admissions.

Furthermore, students who have triumphantly concluded their online course registration are advised to access the registration portal using their newly acquired matriculation numbers from this point onward.

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