KWCON Oke-Ode Cut-Off Mark, Interview Schedule 2023/2024

KWCON Oke-Ode Cut-Off Mark, Interview Schedule 2023/2024

The Kwara State College of Nursing (KWCON), Oke-Ode, has publicized its cut-off mark and interview schedule for the 2023/2024 academic admission cycle. Applicants with scores of 50% and above in the Entrance Exams are invited for an interview on the 23rd and 24th of August at 9.00am in the College Conference Hall. Attendees must present original credentials, and those with pending results can also participate.

In the arena of academia, where excellence is not only recognised but ardently pursued, the Kwara State College of Nursing (KWCON), Oke-Ode, stands as a beacon of both merit and opportunity. The institution’s esteemed management wishes to communicate significant details regarding the admission exercise for the forthcoming 2023/2024 academic session.
🎯 Cut-Off Mark Applicants scoring 50% and above in the Entrance Examinations are qualified.
πŸ“… Interview Dates 23rd – 24th August
⏰ Interview Time 9.00am
πŸ“„ Required Documents O’ Level Result(s), Birth Certificate, Citizenship (Kwara Indigene only), Application Slip, Entrance Exam Result.
πŸ“’ Official Notice KWCON Oke-Ode released cut-off mark & interview details for 2023/2024 session.
πŸ’Ό Interview Invitation Those who met the cut-off are invited.
❗ Note Awaiting results? Qualified candidates are still allowed.

This comprehensive update encompasses the all-important cut-off mark, along with an intricately structured interview schedule, specifically curated for those who have achieved an exemplary score in the recent entrance examinations.

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KWCON Oke-Ode’s Benchmark for Excellence: The Cut-Off Mark

It is of paramount importance for all aspirants to be aware of the college’s predetermined cut-off mark, a threshold reflecting both the institution’s standards and the level of competition. In this academic cycle, individuals who achieved a commendable score of 50% and above in the entrance examinations are deemed eligible. These distinguished candidates have not only showcased their academic prowess but are also now poised for the subsequent phase: the interview.
Interview Schedule: A Convergence of Merit and Opportunity

For those who met or surpassed the cut-off mark, the next pivotal juncture on the journey towards securing a place at KWCON, Oke-Ode awaits. The details for the interview are as follows:Date: Spanning two days, the 23rd to the 24th of August.
Venue: COLLEGE CONFERENCE HALL, situated within the serene precincts of OKE-ODE.
Time: The proceedings will commence punctually at 9.00 am.
Mandatory Documents for the Interview:

To ensure a seamless process, candidates are expected to arrive armed with the following original credentials:O’ Level Result(s)
Birth Certificate
Citizenship (pertinent solely for Kwara Indigenes)
Application Slip
Entrance Exam Result
A Special Note to Candidates with Pending Results:

In demonstrating flexibility and understanding, KWCON Oke-Ode acknowledges that some candidates might still be awaiting certain results. Such individuals are assured that they, too, are permitted to participate in the interview process, given their previous performance aligns with the college’s standards.

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