KSCOE Ankpa Part-Time NCE & Pre-NCE Form 2023/2024

KSCOE Ankpa Part-Time NCE & Pre-NCE Form 2023/2024

Kogi State College of Education (KSCOE), Ankpa, introduces its part-time NCE and Pre-NCE admissions for 2023/2024. Application forms are available at the Admissions Office. Fees (N3000 for both NCE and Pre-NCE) can be paid to Unity Bank, Plc 0045946985. After payment, present the deposit slip to the Bursar to get the application form.

For countless learners, traditional full-time courses aren’t always a feasible option. Recognising this crucial need, the Kogi State College of Education (KSCOE), Ankpa, has sculpted programmes that resonate with today’s dynamic life rhythms.
πŸŽ“ Institution Kogi State College of Education (KSCOE), Ankpa
πŸ“… Academic Session 2023/2024
πŸ“œ Admission Programmes Continuing Education (CE) NCE and Pre-NCE
πŸ’° Application Fee NCE (CE): N3000; Pre-NCE: N3000
🏦 Payment Details Unity Bank, Plc 0045946985
πŸ”— Application Process Pay fee, submit deposit slip to Bursar, obtain receipt, get application form from Admissions Office
πŸ“ƒ Admission Type Part-time NCE & Pre-NCE
πŸ“ Location Ankpa, Kogi State

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🌟 Introducing the Part-Time NCE and Pre-NCE Courses for 2023/2024!

Have you ever dreamed of pursuing a quality education but struggled to accommodate the timings of regular courses into your schedule? KSCOE, Ankpa offers the perfect solution through its Continuing Education (CE) NCE and Pre-NCE programmes. These are tailored for the 2023/2024 academic year, and the College has officially opened its gates for aspirants.
Your Path to Enrollment: Simple Steps to Apply πŸ“

Navigating the application process is straightforward. Let’s demystify it step by step:Choose Your Programme:For those eyeing the NCE by Continuing Education (CE) or the Pre-NCE programmes, an initial financial step is needed.
Payment Details:Both the NCE by Continuing Education (CE) and Pre-NCE programmes come at an accessible fee of N3000 each.
Payment should be made to Unity Bank, Plc using the account number: 0045946985.
From Bank Slip to College Receipt:Once the payment is complete, make sure to retain your bank deposit slip.
Present this slip to the Bursar at KSCOE, Ankpa, who will provide you with an official college receipt.
Grab Your Application Form:With the receipt in hand, proceed to the Admissions Office of the College.
This is where you’ll obtain the official application form for your chosen course.
Why Choose KSCOE, Ankpa? πŸŽ“

KSCOE, Ankpa isn’t just another educational institute; it’s a commitment to fostering an environment that is inclusive, dynamic, and tailored to the modern-day student’s needs. With programmes like the Part-Time NCE and Pre-NCE, the College is actively bridging the gap between rigorous academic standards and flexible learning paths.

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