HND Holders in Nigeria Can Now Upgrade to BSc Online

HND Holders in Nigeria Can Now Upgrade to BSc Online

The National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) introduced an online top-up programme, allowing HND holders to convert their qualification to a Bachelor's Degree within a year, partnering with foreign accredited universities. This move aims to address the discrimination faced by HND holders in Nigeria. NBTE has also launched a portal to ensure NYSC mobilisation for polytechnic graduates and appealed to end the HND-BSc public service dichotomy.

In a groundbreaking move, the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) has rolled out an online top-up programme. This scheme is tailored to provide Higher National Diploma (HND) holders with the opportunity to elevate their certifications to a Bachelor’s Degree level. This conversion can be achieved in just one year, partnering with esteemed foreign accredited universities.
πŸŽ“ Programme Launch NBTE introduces online top-up for HND holders to upgrade to Bachelor’s Degree in a year.
🌍 Partnership Collaboration with foreign accredited universities for the top-up programme.
πŸ“° Media Statement Mrs Fatima Abubakar (Head of Media Unit) conveyed this development.
🚫 Previous Attempts Efforts to secure a two-year Master of Technology for HND holders didn’t succeed.
πŸ’Ό PGD Issues PGD holders face challenges when attempting to migrate to Nigerian Universities with doctorates.
🌐 Online Portal Progression pathway for HND holders available at:
πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ NYSC Mobilisation NBTE addresses issues of HND graduates and NYSC mobilisation with a new accredited admission portal.
πŸ“œ Appeal to President Request to sign a bill ending the HND-BSc discrimination in public service.

During a press event in Abuja on Monday, the Head of Media Unit of the NBTE, Mrs Fatima Abubakar, communicated the launch of this programme to journalists. This strategic move, she elucidated, is aimed to aid the smooth academic progression of HND holders to advanced degrees.

“Previous endeavours of persuading the National Universities Commission to give the green light for a two-year Master of Technology for HND holders in some of our polytechnics unfortunately did not materialise,” Abubakar remarked. She highlighted the ordeal that many HND holders often confront – the necessity to undertake a one-year Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) prior to securing a position in the Master’s Programme at universities.

The PGD, however, is not without its shortcomings. Those PGD holders who aspire to pursue PhD studies, and later wish to transition to a Nigerian University, are often met with a demand for their initial degree, even if they possess doctorate credentials.

Abubakar expressed, “To redress this unfounded bias, NBTE has now inaugurated this advanced pathway for HND holders.” For interested individuals, detailed information and access are available on NBTE’s dedicated website –

Further shedding light on another hurdle for polytechnic HND graduates, Mrs Abubakar referenced their enlistment for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). A significant number enrol in non-accredited programmes. Subsequent to completing their HND, they find themselves side-lined from the NYSC enlistment.

In response, she announced, “NBTE has pioneered a dedicated HND admission portal that all polytechnics can utilise. This portal will exclusively showcase accredited programmes. Furthermore, the NYSC will be granted oversight to identify admitted candidates fit for mobilisation.”

This initiative is hoped to terminate illegal HND admissions into unverified programmes. Additionally, it seeks to ensure compliance with set capacities, thereby championing quality assurance.

Mrs Abubakar also made a fervent appeal on behalf of the board. “We humbly request Mr President to endorse the bill which aims to dissolve the distinction between HND and BSc qualifications in public service. This bill, approved by the previous National Assembly, is poised to abolish the unwarranted disparity meted out to polytechnic graduates.”

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