Future-X Unilever Campus Ambassador Program 2023

Future-X Unilever Campus Ambassador Program 2023

Future-X Unilever Campus Ambassador Program (FUCAP) is a 9-month leadership program for Nigerian undergraduates (16-24 years old). It focuses on empowerment, skill development, and professional networking, selecting 20 young talents across the country. The application involves two stages: a skills course and a brand challenge. Apply now!

Are you a young, vibrant student in Nigeria with an unwavering passion for leadership and a desire to make a positive impact? If yes, then the Future-X Unilever Campus Ambassador Program (FUCAP) could be your golden opportunity. This inspiring programme aims to engage 20 of Nigeria’s brightest young talents and take them on a thrilling leadership expedition. Here’s your complete guide to this extraordinary opportunity.
πŸš€ Program Name Future-X Unilever Campus Ambassador Program (FUCAP)
πŸŽ“ Target Audience 20 student liaisons from Nigerian Universities/Polytechnics
πŸŽ– Goals Empowerment, skill development, networking with professionals
⏳ Duration 9 months
πŸŽ’ Requirements Nigerian undergraduates, 16-24 yrs, commitment to excellence, leadership, teamwork
πŸ“ Application Process Stage 1: Lean Entrepreneurship Skills Course; Stage 2: Unilever ‘Brand’ Challenge
πŸ•” Deadline Not Specified

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About Future-X Unilever Campus Ambassador Program (FUCAP)

FUCAP is an initiative designed to identify and cultivate future leaders by providing an invaluable platform for them to act as liaisons between Unilever and their respective Universities or Polytechnics. It’s not just about recognising the top young talents; it’s about encouraging them to Want More, Do More, and Contribute More towards becoming impactful leaders.
Your Role as a Future-X Unilever Campus Ambassador (FUCA)

As a FUCA, you get the unique chance to:Lead Projects: You’ll take the helm of empowerment and skills development activities on your campuses.
Build Relationships: Forge connections with seasoned industry professionals.
Expand Your Network: Create a robust professional network even before you step into the professional world.
Program Duration: 9 months
Are You the Right Fit? Here’s What You Need

Candidates must:Be an undergraduate student at a Nigerian university or polytechnic.
Be resourceful and intelligently curious.
Be between 16-24 years old.
Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to excellence, personal development, and professional growth.
Showcase an impressive record of initiative-taking and leadership.
Be a team player.
Application Process: Your Journey Begins Here

To become a Future-X Unilever Campus Ambassador, you must successfully navigate through the two stages detailed below:
Stage 1: Complete the LevelUP: Lean Entrepreneurship Skills Course
Stage 2: Complete the Unilever ‘Brand’ Challenge.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Here’s where you can:Apply Now
Learn More
Deadline: Not Specified.
Conclusion: Step Into Your Future Today!

The Future-X Unilever Campus Ambassador Program is more than a programme; it’s a transformative experience that will shape you into a leader with vision, drive, and compassion. If you believe you have what it takes to be one of the top 20 young talents in Nigeria, don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

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