FUNAAB Re-emphasises Dress Code Compliance: All Details Here

FUNAAB Re-emphasises Dress Code Compliance: All Details Here

Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) has reiterated its dress code, emphasizing student facial identification and specific attire for Farm Practical Year. This follows a court ruling favouring the university's stance on the 'Niqob'. Management addressed online disruptions and clarified the absence of religious bias in the dress code.

In a recent development at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), the University Management has taken steps to shed light on, and reinforce, the established dress code for its students.
πŸŽ“ Institution Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB)
πŸ“… Release Date July 17, 2023
πŸ–‹️ Signed By Dr. ‘Bola Adekola, Registrar
πŸ“œ Senate Decision Affirmed dress code as per FUNAAB/REG.11/VOL. III/52 of December 16, 2021
πŸ†” Facial ID Students need facial identification always within the University
🌱 Farm Practical Green jumpsuit, rain boot, hand gloves are compulsory
⚖️ Court Ruling Resolved the face veil (‘Niqob’) issue in favour of FUNAAB; fundamental freedoms are not absolute in this context
πŸ•Š️ Harmony Focus Management addressed online disruptions; religion unrelated to dress code issue

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A Refresh on the Decisions

In a document made public on July 17, 2023, Dr. ‘Bola Adekola, the respected Registrar of FUNAAB, reminded the student body and the larger community of the University Senate’s decision from their December 14, 2021 meeting. This decision, initially disseminated through circular FUNAAB/REG.11/VOL. III/52 dated December 16, 2021, clearly states the University’s stance on the dress code and should be considered the final word on the matter.
Safety and Identification Remain Paramount

The University places a significant emphasis on the easy facial recognition of all students when they are within the campus. This guideline ensures safety, accountability, and a sense of community. Moreover, special provisions have been made for those undergoing their Farm Practical Year. These students are advised to adorn themselves in the officially sanctioned green jumpsuit complemented by rain boots and hand gloves. This attire is not just a symbol of their role but is also crucial for their safety and convenience during their hands-on learning on the farms.
Addressing Recent Misunderstandings

Of late, some online chatter has emerged, reportedly from unidentified individuals who, some suspect, might be trying to intertwine religious narratives into the University’s policies, thereby potentially upsetting FUNAAB’s renowned peaceful academic environment. In response to these speculations, the University Management pointed to a ruling made by the Federal High Court, Abeokuta on May 19, 2022. Presided over by Hon. Justice O. O. Oguntoyinbo, the court addressed the topic of the face veil, commonly referred to as the ‘Niqob’. The judgment went in favour of FUNAAB, highlighting that while fundamental human rights are essential, they aren’t absolute in such contexts.

The University Management, while upholding the court’s decision, also encourages anyone with reservations or seeking clarity on the matter to engage the legal system for a more comprehensive understanding.
Drawing the Line Between Service and Personal Beliefs

Lastly, FUNAAB underscored an essential point: in any global context, benefitting from a public service requires visibility and transparency. Being anonymous without explicit approval from the concerned service provider is not a standard practice. The institution firmly believes that the ongoing debate has no religious undertones but is solely about ensuring the best environment for academic pursuit.

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