Federal Poly Idah Weekend/Part-Time Admission 2023/2024

Federal Poly Idah Weekend/Part-Time Admission 2023/2024

Considering advancing one's academic qualifications, but pressed for time during the weekdays? Federal Polytechnic Idah offers flexible WEEKEND/PART-TIME programmes for the 2023/2024 academic session. What are the available courses, and how moderate are the school fees?

The Federal Polytechnic Idah cordially invites applications for a diverse array of Weekend/Part-Time Programmes for the 2023/2024 Academic Session. This presents a golden opportunity for individuals seeking to elevate their academic credentials and professional outlook.
πŸŽ“ Institution Federal Polytechnic Idah
πŸ•’ Programme Duration Varies: 6 months, 1 year, 2 years
πŸ“œ Certificates PD, ND, HND, Top-up ND, Top-up HND
πŸ“š Courses Offered Multiple fields: Business Studies, Engineering, Environmental Studies, General/Administrative Studies, Technology
πŸ’΅ Application Fee N15,000
🌐 Application Method Online application
πŸ“… Closing Date To be announced
πŸ“ž Contact Three phone numbers provided for enquiries

Table of Contents[Show]
Detailed Overview of Programmes: Your Pathway to Higher Learning
Polytechnic Diploma (PD): A Six-Month Journey to Academic Excellence

This short yet enriching course offers a Polytechnic Diploma Certificate upon completion.
Part-Time National Diploma (ND): A Two-Year Commitment

This programme, segmented into four semesters, culminates in the award of a National Diploma (ND).
Pre-HND: A One-Year Bridge to Advanced Studies

Prepare for your Higher National Diploma (HND) in one year, broken down into two semesters, and earn a National Diploma as an interim certification.
Part-Time Higher National Diploma (HND): Achieve Excellence in Two Years

An in-depth, four-semester programme that results in a Higher National Diploma (HND).
Top-up ND: Rapid Academic Advancement in One Year

Acquire an ND with a good classification in a single academic session.
Top-up HND: Fast-Track Your Expertise in One Year

A one-year programme aimed at achieving an HND with a good classification.
School Fees: Affordability Meets Quality

Rest assured, the school fees have been structured to be both moderate and affordable, accommodating a wide range of applicants.
Available Courses: A Spectrum of Choices
School of Business Studies: For the Budding EntrepreneursAccountancy
Business Administration and Management
Office Technology and Management
Banking and Finance (ND only)
School of Engineering: Building the FutureCivil Engineering
Electrical Electronic Engineering (with options in Electronics & Telecommunications or Power & Machines) HND only.
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgy Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering (ND only)
Welding & Fabrication (ND only)
School of Environmental Studies: Shaping Sustainable SpacesArchitectural Technology
Building Technology
Estate Management and Valuation
Quantity Surveying
Surveying and Geo-informatics
Urban and Regional Planning
Cartography (ND only)
School of General and Administrative Studies: Govern and CommunicatePublic Administration
Mass Communication (ND only)
Local Government Administration (ND only)
Law (Polytechnic Diploma)
School of Technology: Innovate and DiscoverComputer Science
Food Science and Technology
Library and Information Science
Science Laboratory Technology
Leisure & Tourism Management
Hospitality Management & Technology
Application Procedure: Your Step-by-Step GuideVisit http://forms.fepoda.edu.ng
Select PTHND, PRE-HND, PTND, or Poly Diploma.
Create an account using a valid email address.
Log in, pay the N15,000 application fee through Remita, and complete the application form.
Print out the completed application form and any other necessary documents.

Further guidelines are available on the Federal Polytechnic Idah’s official website.
Closing Date: Stay Tuned

The application deadline will be announced in due course.

Note: Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to enrich your academic portfolio and improve your career prospects. For enquiries, you may contact the numbers provided: 08030623380, 08055757345, 07089681169.

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