Nigerian Rapper "Dandy Pama" | @itsDandiddy Shoots at Dr Joe Abah in New Single (Dem Dey Kill Us)

Its no longer news that Dr Joe Abba, at some point alleged in a tweeted that the outcry in Southern Kaduna about a genocide is but a communal clash.

The tweet sparked an outrage and Southern Kaduna people expressed their disappointment in Dr Abba. Dandy Pama, who happen to come from Southern Kaduna in his latest single (Dem Dey Kill Us), took shots at a certain Dr that we believe is none but Dr Joe Abba..

"..I dey my dey but you attacked, maimed and kill me, one yeye doctor say na clash between me and you - for real? Sir do you taste the sh*t that comes out your mouth? Or you just spit sh*t, simply cos you're so full of sh*t? Wow..."

Though we're not certain whether or not he (Dandy Pama) was referring to Dr Abba, we're forced to think in that line because one doctor was criticized for tagging the Southern Kaduna crisis a communal clash, and his name is Dr Joe Abba.



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