Mr Eazi Launches New Music Group, Choplife Soundsystem!

Nigerian-born superstar musician, business visionary and international nomad, Mr Eazi, has recently announced the birth of a new pan-African music group, Choplife Soundsystem. The group will include UK-based, Kenyan-born afrobeats selector and tastemaker DJ Edu as its resident DJ, as well as an informal crew of contributing DJs, artists and producers from across the African continent.

As the group’s primary vocalist on recordings and as its MC, or Minister of Enjoyment, at live events, Mr Eazi intends to bring the best of African music to a global audience.

The group’s name Choplife Soundsystem is derived from the popular West African pidgin slang phrase chop life which in English translates to ‘enjoy life.’ This phrase is a reflection of Mr Eazi’s positive outlook and is also a statement for music that speaks directly to the heart. The ‘soundsystem’ in the name is the traditional soundsystems that are the mainstay of Jamaican music culture. In Jamaica, a soundsystem is typically a mobile crew of DJs and MCs, usually funded by a prominent local musicologist, which presents music together at events such as festivals and street parties.

Mr Eazi as the leader of Choplife Soundsystem intends to mix afrobeats with Jamaican dancehall for a truly unique sound. By assembling a diverse group of African artists, DJs, and producers, Choplife Soundsystem looks forward to introducing a brand new sound to music lovers around the world. Their mission is to create music that uplifts the spirit and brings people together, mixing smatterings of music from all over the continent.

With Mr Eazi’s talent and ambition steering the group, Choplife Soundsystem is sure to become a roaring success. Mr Eazi is already a major figure in African music, having achieved international recognition not only as a musician, but also as a businessman — founder of the groundbreaking music streaming platform emPawa Africa. His reputable career is sure to bring invaluable success to this new crew of African music hopefuls

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