[Interview] Artist in Focus - Trevor dulla ; Interview with Hypeman Vizzy


[Interview] Artist in Focus - Trevor dulla ; Interview with Hypeman Vizzy

Its no cap that one of the most hardworking northern nigerian artist is 'Trevor dulla', from weekly content, to holding down the streets, Trevor is an asset to the music industry. Get to read his online interview with Hypeman Vizzy below;

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QUES: Good day Trevor, you are welcome to 'Artist in focus' interview with hypeman Vizzy, hope you are good

ANS: Yes bruh I'm good

QUES:  Comparing unity amongst artists, between Abuja artists and nasarawa artists, which state is more united

ANS: Abuja to me cos lafia artist ehnn, make I say Dem dey wan carry shoulder, that's what I observed when I came into lafia newly but I no know if Dem don change Sha.. but we nor dey too align 

QUES:  How do you cope up with school, music and business

ANS:  I dey give everyone em time when it comes to it... So e nor hard Sha

QUES: You are a big star on tiktok, briefly explain how your journey to 20k+ followers on tiktok was

ANS: TikTok really do things😂 I didn't even know my sound was trending on TikTok for 1week after uploading my cover (excess love drill version) my followers moved from 7k to 16k within 3days 😊 now Sha na 30k we go touch go now

QUES: We do see you in many cinematography studios, are you a photographer too?

ANS: Nop I'm not a photographer, I just don dey used to cameras now, if I no see camera e dey hungry me

QUES: Do you believe there can exist a music industry in abuja, like that of lagos?

ANS: Sure naa but only if dey start appreciating artist like they do in lag... Na only when u don go outside blow Dem go wan Dy show love as the Celebrity wey u don be, but when u dey down there e dey hard

QUES:  Briefly state 3 ways we can achieve this established music industry in Abuja

ANS: Appreciate artist, support Dem no wait till em blow, establishment of good music market bro(promoters u get)

QUES: You trap and grime in pidgin language, so what would you call your genre of music?

ANS: Na afro rap be this...I dey do the afro rap untop any kinda beat... Drill beats, trap, hip-hop, afro beat em cef etc

QUES:  Based on how you planned your music career, are you where you are supposed to be by now?10. Do you believe you can go global with your style of music?

ANS: I'm not there yet but when I dey now I know it's a gradual process... But I know I'll reach there

QUES: If given 10 million naira, how can you invest in yourself , to never be broke again?

ANS: If I don buy my studio gadgets, no worry about me again😊 we go Dy see for internet

QUES: Do you believe you can go global with your style of music?

ANS: Yes na😂if fela went global who am I? I'm a rapper, I do any kinda thing, I fit switch genre anytime, that one nor go hard me do, even party jams cef we dey do am

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