I Get Big Cassava! — Zimbabwean Prophet Condemns Tekno’s ‘Pana’ (Video)


Uebert Angel, the popular Zimbabwean prophet, issued a warning to his members,

He warned his congratulations against listening to Tekno’s hit song ‘Pana’.

Angel is an evangelical preacher and the founder of Spirit Embassy, a Pentecostal ministry in the United Kingdom.

In a now-viral video from a sermon in his church, the prophet argued that the lyrics of ‘Pana’ contain a hidden message that can negatively impact listeners’ “spirits.”

The cleric also made reference to the phrase “big cassava” in ‘Pana’, which seemed to be a metaphor for a huge reproductive organ.

He said even if listeners don’t consciously understand the meaning of the lyrics, their spirits may still be affected by the message, which he believes can be detrimental to their spiritual wellbeing.

“I don’t want to minister these things about Nigerian Afrobeats. I can show you songs that when you listen to them, you go like wait a minute how can this song be a good song?” Angel said.

“Have you listened to ‘Pana’ by Tekno? Oh you know the song? They say you like cassava, I have big cassava, Nigerians are laughing, they know exactly what that is.

“He is talking about a big reproductive organ but if you’re not from there, you’re singing along and in your mind, since I don’t get it, your spirit gets it. The real you is your spirit, it already got it and your spirit is already tuning into that realm of cassavas.”

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