Article: Sex Or Service (My Gender) By Mary Emmanuel Bawa

*******OPEN DISCUSSION******

I hate it when I hear my gender go all "he had sex with me" "he slept with me" "he used and dumped me" "he wanted my body" Aunty for the record you slept with him too, you had sex with him too, don't go acting like a victim at the receiving end or a collateral damage of some sort. You both had sex, you slept with each other and you both enjoyed it, it takes two to tango. So why is it that at the end of the day you act like it was one sided and he alone enjoyed it? Making it look like you were cheated? If he is able to say "I slept with her" you should be able to say "I slept with him" or "we slept together" not "he slept with me". A clear picture must be painted not the picture were sex is painted to a victory that is won. However it is said reflects directly on you so at least make the right way, there are two sides to the story not one.

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