[Music Review] Muna Waje By Dj Cinch — Reviewed By "Whe Nom"

Song Title: Muna Waje /we outside
Artiste: Dj Cinch
Duration: 2:38
Producer: Mykah
Mixed and Mastered : Dj Cinch
Genre: Afrobeat Hip Hop/ Amapiano
Rating: 8/10
Release Date: October 1st 2021
Link: https://audiomack.com/dijaycinch/song/muna-waje

“Muna Waje” one out of the artistes classic content released in the year 2021. The hip hop tone floating over the Amapiano Afrobeat is a perfect display of the artiste’s mastery of his genre. This sound is a unique afrobeat that’s just as danceable as it is addictive. The blend of sound and vocals on this sound outplayed professionalism in its most crown deserving manner.

The intro of this melody was the familiar Sound of the artiste’s voice hailing “Cincho…. Harkan Senior man” which has in fact became the very familiar catchphrase of the brand Dj Cinch. After the introduction enters the first verse which express great fusion of rhythm and flow. After the first verse came the hook followed, then the chorus ushering the second verse which closes the song with a hook and shouts out to a few friends and the final “Djcinch on the Mix” fading lightly.

The lyrical content of this track is quite remarkable as the artist as usual easily switched up from Hausa to English without raising any alarm or sounding off. “Muna Waje” could be passed for a representation of the artist declaring how he balls with his crew anytime they go out. The artiste stated “all my guys are ballers, bana kwashe tarkache” which depicts all his friends are wealthy and doing well.

Muna waje have proven to be enjoyed by the crowds as it appears to be generally acceptable by the audience. It wouldn’t be overrated If one suggests that the song have in fact brought some attention to the artiste as he was recently nominated at the North satisfied merit awards for categories of best male act, artiste of the year, best rap song with his song titled THR released earlier this year, and also indigenous artiste of the year. This artiste has bagged in some decent achievements this year.

The production of this sound could be said to be nothing less than professional. The flow pattern on check. The instrumental is a vibe on its own. The delivery of this song is 100% top notch. This sound is no doubt a must listen to all lovers of great sound. If you haven’t streamed it yet do well to use the link.



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