E-News: "One on One" With KD's Fast Rising Hotshot "Kwanie Babangida"

What's your full name?
Caleb Babangida

What's your stage name?

Where are you from?

Rishiwa/Kauru LGA

How about education?

Yes I'm a graduate, B.A. Archaeology from Ahmadu Bello University

Which Croc City Hood do you rep?

Ungwan/Boro Kaduna

When did you start recording songs?

My first Studio Record was back in '09 at Ankatism Studio Malali. I had a few recorded songs afterward. I've worked with producers like Jah Bwai, DJ Effect, GBeats, S2J and the rest

Which KD act do you admire and love to work with?

I respect and admire a lot of talents here. Kel Cypha , SupeStar Elvis Egizay , FoxyJosh , Yfn Asixx , Badboi Bbk , King Prodo , Ibrahim Iliya and many more, but I'll really love to work with D'dam Il-ya Ajey right now

Tell us about your upcoming song.

Kiss 'em all was inspired by the OG Yemi Castano . It is a song displaying top-notch melody, rap prowess filled with literally devices and great delivery. Arguably the best verse from Kaduna which is about to hit your ears

Tell us about your relationship status

I'm Single and crushing and snatching. Hide your babes o * winks *

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a bad guy are you?

I'll say 4 sha😅. I don't front, but I have my own coded ways ..lol.

What next after dropping this song?

Lots of stuffs in the works, but I'll be focusing on promoting this song and getting air plays. I need everyone's support.

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